Texas Holdem Poker Basic Betting Structures

There are four betting structures in Texas Holdem poker games: No-limit, Pot-limit, Spread-limit and Structure-limit. Every Texas Holdem game uses a different betting structure and it is very common that on online poker rooms you can find different tables with all kinds of betting structures in them

No-limit is a betting structure mainly found at prestige Texas Holdem tournaments such as the World Series of Poker. This betting structure allows you to place any bet that you want at any moment of the game. You can place all your bankroll during the flop, turn or river without limitations. This betting structure is used by professional Texas Holdem poker players.

Pot-limit is a betting structure that allows players to place bets up to the current status of the pot. It's a betting structure similar to No-limit, but you cannot place bets or raises higher than the total stakes in the pot.

Spread-limit Texas Holdem betting structure is a low-high set of bets that you cannot exceed. For example, a Texas Holdem $10-$30 Spread limit table allows you to place bets between $10 and $30. You cannot place more than $30 nor you can place bets lower than $10.

A Structure-limit bet system is a very common betting structure in Texas Holdem poker rooms, there are two types of bet that you can place. The first bet is placed before and on the flop, it is a fixed amount that you cannot change. After the flop you can only place a bet that is a double of the first amount. For example, in a $10-$20 Structure limit poker game you can place bets of $10 before the turn, after the flop you can only place bets of $20.

these are the four types of bets you can make. Notice that different betting systems use different betting strategies. At internet poker rooms you can use online Texas Holdem poker strategy according to the current betting structure you play with.