MySpace and Poker Combined Through

Two of the hottest online trends today have been combined by an 18 year-old student of SUNY Fredonia University.

MySpace and poker are two of the trends that everybody seems to be talking about and can't get enough of, and Jeremy Miller was quick to realize the potential of its convergence. Miller then created, a social networking site specifically aimed at poker players.

"I both play poker and use MySpace, and it was obvious that these two topics were getting incredible attention. I have some experience with web design and online marketing, so I figured 'Why not give it a shot?'" Miller said. offers its users an avenue to meet new poker players, create their own groups, set up private games and get to know other poker enthusiasts better.

"I've met many of my poker friends online, but never in person. Naturally, I'd like to get to know them better, and I assume many other people are in the same situation. My site lets that happen," Jeremy said.

A member from the site, with the handle "Mike W", has good things to say about its features. "I always try to set up local poker games on weekends, but have trouble finding players. I created a group on CardsLife for players in my city, and have already met a few local players."

The site was officially launched on Sept 14, and has since received attention from the media and big names in the poker industry.